Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The alternative Diamond.

The majority of my pieces are made with Diamonds that are not the typically clear and bright machine-cut Diamond.

 Although not considered ‘ideal’ and ‘flawless’, I love the quirks and character that an alternative Diamond has.  It embodies the reality of human beings, relationships and love: each one is unique and imperfect. If you find someone who celebrates your quirks and accepts you for who you are, that is something to be grateful for.  

Black Rose Cut Diamonds 
Flat Rough Diamond Crystals
Square Black Rose Cut Diamond
Canadian Rough Diamond 
Pear-Shaped Black Rose Cut Diamond

Canadian Rough Diamond

Pear-Shaped Gray Rose Cut Diamond

Gray Rose Cut Diamond 

Loose Rough Diamonds

Hello all! I'm excited (and a little nervous, I'll admit) to start blogging... so here it goes!

As a native Vermonter, I appreciate all things quirky and natural. By making jewelry, I get to create pieces of wearable art.  

I love to create. The process of forging, soldering, sawing and hammering raw materials to make something new fascinates me. Each handmade piece of jewelry tells its own story: different elements and techniques come together to create a unique piece.

I have been working as a jeweler for 6 years, and started Ignite so that I can keep doing what I love on my days off. 

My studio is tucked away on 60 acres of land in Cabot, Vermont. Often aspects of nature become incorporated into my pieces: the texture of branches, pebbles in a stream, or delicate leaves. 

I work predominantly with raw and authentic minerals, Sterling Silver and 14k Gold. I use contrasting elements to produce something playful and feminine with a hint of grit and intrigue.

More posts to come soon.